Are you a bar, hotel, restaurant or catering company owner?
Would you like to have your pick of a continuous variety of wines for your customers without any minimum orders?
Would you like to offer your customers the best wines on the market without breaking the bank?
Would you like to optimise and streamline your wine cellar management by dealing with only one distributor?

Tannico has the solution for you.

At Tannico we offer you:
  1. Free consultation with our sommeliers;
  2. A selection from among 10,000 labels;
  3. Quick shipping
  4. Special industry prices;
  5. Wine list design;
  6. Over three years’ experience of sales experience and the ability to offer you best selling products;
  7. Personalised promotions to match your needs.
How it works:
  1. Write to us at horeca@tannico.it with your name, last name, the e-mail address used to sign up, company name, address, phone number, tax ID number/business registration number, and what type of business you run.
  2. One of our operators will answer you within 24 hours to activate your account.

For whatever you may need, please contact the Ho.Re.Ca. Manager at +39 02 9475 7947.
We will help design a custom plan for your business.