Acquired in December 2022 by the Joint Venture between Campari Group and Moët Hennessy (part of the LVMH Group), Tannico is the leading player in the Italian wine digital ecosystem. The goal of the acquisition is to take the brand to the top of the European high-end wines and spirits online market.

Active since 2013 in Italy and since 2021 in France following the acquisition of VALAP – one of the country's leading e-commerce premium wine and spirits merchants – in 2021, the two companies fulfilled more than 600,000 orders and delivered 4.5 million bottles worldwide, closing the year with a turnover of more than €76 million (up 105% over the previous year).


In 2021, the Tannico Group sold and delivered 4,500,000 bottles worldwide. Its catalog is very extensive, with the price of a bottle ranging from 6 to thousands of euros. A special catalog section focuses on artisanal wine producers and foreign labels, for which Tannico is the exclusive importer for the Italian market.

The business-to-consumer service currently .operates in 23 countries. in Europe and around the world, with delivery times ranging from a few hours in Milan (with the option of selecting the delivery time slot), 24 to 48 hours throughout Italy, and two weeks in the United States. Today, 40% of business is carried out via .mobile. devices, through the version of the website optimized for smartphones and tablets and via the iPhone and Android apps launched in 2016.

To complement its wine sale and shipping offer, in addition to the area dedicated to Rare Wines, Tannico also provides a Personal Sommelier service, reachable via chat or direct telephone helpline, for all undecided customers and those who enjoy being guided and pampered with tailor-made bottle recommendations.

In 2021, the company continued to invest in and innovate its logistics assets to cater for increased business and expanding target markets. These developments included the opening of the new Tannico warehouse in Castel San Giovanni. With a floorspace of 6,000 meters and a capacity of 500,000 bottles stored at controlled temperatures, the new warehouse is four times more efficient than comparable F&B warehouses in Europe. In 2021, the company handled up to 5,000 shipments and delivered 60,000 bottles a day.

The investment is not only aimed at greater shipping efficiency and customer satisfaction, but it also fosters a greater respect for the environment. A 3,000-square-metre solar panel installation covering the entire roof of the facility ensures that the new Tannico warehouse runs exclusively on renewable energy for most of the year. Furthermore, following a painstaking and complex engineering study over several months, bottle picking is performed by a network of intelligent robots that move horizontally and vertically over the walls of temperature-controlled wine stores to select the right bottle and pack it into the corresponding parcel with a speed and accuracy far exceeding those that of the traditional systems used by most other e-commerce stores in Italy and Europe.

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Il magazzino di Tannico Our 6.000 mq warehouse in Castel San Giovanni (PC), where we stock over 500.000 bottles from 2.500 different winemakers.

Tannico in figures:

  • 76 million euros in turnover (2021)
  • Active in 23 countries around the world
  • Over 4,500,000 bottles shipped worldwide, and 600,000 orders handled (2021)
  • More than 12,000 individual catalogue items
  • 2,500 individual wineries
  • 500,000 bottles in stock at the Castel San Giovanni warehouse


Customer care
+39 02 3858 2258




In 2020, Tannico consolidated its brand with the opening of two projects in Milan: its first flagship store, the Tannico Wine Bar, unveiled on 1 July in Via Savona 17 in the heart of the design district. Both are wine bars but with some discernible differences: in the flagship store, wine is not the exclusive centerpiece but is accompanied – from apéritif to after dinner – by a culinary offering with a strong focus on raw materials that acknowledges the Italian tradition but also embraces new international trends in the food scene. Everything is served in petrol-blue wall surroundings and soft lighting more reminiscent of a London club than an old-school wine bar.

Several events are organized at Via Savona 17: wine-themed affairs accompanied by dishes cooked by resident chefs such as the Tannico Flying Schools and Master Experiences; Guest Chef specials, i.e. dinners with Milan's celebrity chefs and select restaurants (such as Gastronomia Yamamoto, to mention just one) paired with wines chosen by Tannico sommeliers; and tailor-made dinners for private individuals and major brands.

In 2019, Tannico started its Master Experience events: tastings of the highest level for a select circle of enthusiasts. Vertical tastings compare classic Maison vintages and great wines are sampled, accompanied by dishes created for the occasion at the Tannico Milan Wine Bar at via Savona 17, in collaboration with the best Chefs de Cave and Brand Ambassadors of Maisons and celebrated wineries.

Also in 2019, Tannico added a ground-breaking educational dimension – the Flying School wine courses, which are also held in the Tannico Wine Bar. These meetings represent a first step in attracting people to the world of wine to drive the Tannico revolution, according to a free-to-dare ethos. The courses are thus structured to give people the tools to identify their personal tastes based solely on their palate without any conditioning instead of imposing a top-down classroom approach that concedes little to freedom of expression. The TFS courses are based on a method invented by the Brand Manager and co-founder of Tannico, supported by a team of Wine Specialists and the CEO; they are perfect for those approaching wine for the first time but also for enthusiasts who have already developed their own palate but have not yet identified its matrix. For the more experienced wine drinkers, Tannico has also created, in the same vein, courses for discovering Champagne labels that lead to the tasting of great wines such as Krug and Cristal, as well as Italian sparkling wines ranging to those of the great Giulio Ferrari. Each course can be purchased on the website.

To also satisfy those who do not live in Milan, in 2021, Tannico launched the Tannico Flying School @ Home. This approach enables curious connoisseurs and new enthusiasts to enjoy the same experience at a level that combines learning with fun through kits consisting of 10 wine samples and video tutorials by Tannico's Wine Experts to be enjoyed from the comfort of their homes. Tannico Flying School kits are designed for individual tastings or for enjoyment by a couple for the same price.

Given the great interest aroused by Tannico's educational outreach, the Tannico Flying School can also be enjoyed online via the TFS YouTube channel and Podcasts available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts, all free of charge, giving access to over 500 topics and itineraries, tastings with guests, winemakers, oenologists, sommeliers and practical how-tos explaining everything that revolves around the world of wine in a simple and comprehensive manner.


Although business-to-consumer sales generate a large part of the company's turnover, Tannico is not only a B2C sales platform but also a major partner for wineries.

Especially in Italy, where the supply chain is dotted with long-established winemakers that have passed on the vintner's art from generation to generation, the entrepreneurs themselves are eager to modernize and further streamline their businesses. Two services launched by Tannico between 2016 and 2017 and aimed at wineries respond to this need: Tannico Intelligence – the revolutionary marketing analysis platform – and WinePlatform, a service that supports wineries in terms of technology and logistics and which, in 2021, saw a more than fourfold increase in both the number of customers served and orders managed, for a total of more than 100,000 bottles sold.

Specifically, WinePlatform is a service that supports wine producers in online sales to their customers, starting with those who enjoy visiting the wineries themselves. Tannico offers its technological expertise to winemaking enterprises, creating mini websites for them or adding e-commerce functionality to their existing websites; this enables online purchasing as well as the management of procurement, payments, customer care, excise and customs procedures in Europe and worldwide. Today, WinePlatform serves more than 100 wineries on the platform, and examples include Banfi, Biondi Santi, Campari, Masi Agricola, Alois Lageder and Cantina Tramin.

Tannico Intelligence, on the other hand, is the first marketing intelligence service focused on the world of wine. Specifically, it is an enabling tool for developing sector- or enterprise-specific reports based on the analysis of big data collected by the website. It enables wineries to identify their customer base, monitor purchases, the popularity of their brand and loyalty rates.


Tannico showcases wine with a new language, going beyond the traditional, codified systems that the industry has imposed over the years in terms of both labels and market concepts.

The website is aimed at a broad and multifaceted target audience of connoisseurs, enthusiasts and non-experts alike, united by their passion for wine and even more so by their curiosity to discover new realities and perfect personal tastes.

Moreover, over the past ten years, Tannico has developed the best tools to change the market. Backed by cutting-edge technology and an original and disruptive vision, the company is decisively challenging the now-obsolete mindsets underpinning this sector, starting with a new distribution approach designed to cut out excessive middlemen.


The Tannico adventure began in Milan in late 2012: Marco Magnocavallo, an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the digital sector, particularly in web publishing and venture capital, founded the company with a few partners. The project was conceived at a time when Italy lacked online sales platforms for quality wine, but when e-commerce was taking off. Hence, Tannico slotted into a market niche with enormous potential, well ahead of its competitors.

Il magazzino di Tannico Il magazzino di oltre 6.000 mq a Castel San Giovanni (PC) dove conserviamo oltre 500.000 bottiglie provenienti da più di 2.500 diverse cantine.

Il Gruppo Tannico in numeri:

  • 76 milioni di euro di fatturato (2021)
  • Attivo in 23 Paesi del mondo
  • Oltre 4.500.000 di bottiglie spedite in tutto il mondo e 600.000 ordini gestiti (2021)
  • Più di 12.000 referenze in vendita
  • 2.500 cantine differenti
  • 500.000 bottiglie nel magazzino di Castel San Giovanni


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+39 02 3858 2258

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